Chloe Ryan

  Chloe leads our Data Transformation division within the Change and Transformation team. With a background in technology recruitment, Chloe specialises in matching experienced data consultants within the FMCG, Retail and Consultancy market across the UK. Chloe supports entire Data Transformations by providing data experts to help aid Cloud implementations and migrations. Typical roles include Chief Data Officers, Head of Data, Data Programme Managers, Data Managers (Analytics/Engineering), Data Engineers, Data Architects, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, ML Specialists


5 Stories by Chloe Ryan

Behind the Scenes: How Data is Shaping the Entertainment Industry

Step into the futuristic world where data dances with creativity, creating a spectacle that is reshaping the entertainment industry in unforeseeable ways. From the...
4 min read

Exploring a Career in MLOps

Machine Learning Operations, or MLOps, is an emerging term in the tech world that is leaving both industry veterans and fresh tech enthusiasts intrigued....
6 min read

Scrutinising Cloud Data Infrastructure Costs: A Guide for Data Teams

Managing cloud data infrastructure costs can be complex and challenging for data teams. Various factors influence expenses, including cloud service provider selection, resource utilisation,...
5 min read

The Future of Data Engineering

The data landscape is continuously evolving, with data engineering playing a crucial role in shaping the future of data-driven organisations. As the volume and...
4 min read

Are Our Digital Transformations Creating Too Much Data?

​It didn’t take long for the first personal computers to run out of storage space. Today, even the most basic smartphone is much more...
0 2 min read