Christian Pampellonne

Co-Founder & Director

Christian has over 20 years of experience recruiting and leading high growth recruitment companies in London. He Co-founded The Consultancy Group in 2015 to service the world of Commerce & Industry with experienced Finance, Tax, Transformation and Software Engineering Individuals across London and Europe. With a particular oversight of our Transformation business, Christian is focused on growing our Consultancy practice across the following disciplines; Finance Transformation, Digital Transformation, HR & Organisational Change, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics and DevOps.

Current Job Openings

Finance Transformation Director

Location: West London
The Consultancy Group are currently partnering with a Big 4 Consulting business in search of a Finance Transformation Director with a specialised focus on Order to Cash processes. As a key member of their finance transformation practice, you will play a crucial role in leading and delivering high-impact projects for their clients. Responsibilities: Order to […]
Co-Founder & Director

SAP Architect – Global Media Company

Location: London
The Consultancy Group are currently supporting a global Media organisation to build out its IT function following the carve-out and separation from the parent company. As part of their Transformation journey, we looking for an Interim SAP Architect to lead the development and execution of SAP solutions for projects Responsibilities: Conducting thorough evaluations of existing […]
Co-Founder & Director

Director of Engineering – Luxury Retail

Location: Canary Wharf Area
The Director of Engineering will be responsible for leading the digital transformation efforts for our luxury retail client. In this role, you will be responsible for building out their internal capability and overseeing a team of engineers as they work to double their revenue for digital channels. The ideal candidate will have a proven track […]
Co-Founder & Director

Data Technology & Integration Lead

Location: North London
The Consultancy Group is partnering with a prominent global manufacturing business headquartered in London, with strategic offices across Europe and Singapore. Over the past two decades, the company has executed several strategic acquisitions, resulting in a diverse portfolio of independently functioning entities. The organisation is embarking on a comprehensive Finance Transformation Programme to achieve operational […]
Co-Founder & Director


Chief Transformation Officers Guide To Effective Business Transformation with Alan Guthrie

As the market grows increasingly complex and customer expectations constantly evolve, businesses must navigate transformational changes, otherwise known as digital transformation. These efforts impact the entire organisation, introducing new technologies, altering existing business models, and necessitating cultural adjustments. Guiding an organisation through such fundamental changes is a challenging task, and Chief Transformation Officers (CTOs) often […]
Co-Founder & Director

Overcoming Legacy System Hurdles while Managing the Change with Yucel Yuksel

Technology plays a pivotal role in the expansion and growth of businesses, however, it’s common to find many large organisations grappling with legacy systems. Transitioning from these dated systems is no walk in the park. Cloud migrations, though beneficial, can often come with a hefty resource cost. We sat down for a quick chat with […]
Co-Founder & Director
lightning storm

Common Digital Transformation Barriers in Today’s Landscape with Pam Kullar

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, organisations must learn to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the competition. Embracing digital transformation offers many benefits, from improved efficiency and optimised processes to reduced errors and better customer experiences.  Yet, despite these advantages, many businesses struggle to navigate the complex terrain of digital transformation. It requires a […]
Co-Founder & Director

The Expansive Role of Digital Transformation Programme Directors with Julian Tan

In the update of this blog for 2024, we had the privilege of interviewing Julian Tan, a renowned expert in digital transformation. Julian provided valuable insights into the current state of digital transformation and its significance in today’s fast-paced business landscape. He emphasised that digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity for […]
Co-Founder & Director

Rashmi Pandya, Digital Transformation Lead – Interview Podcast [Video]

In a recent discussion with Rashmi Pandya, we delved deep into the dynamics of business transformation, specifically focusing on integrating AI in various facets of the business landscape. A key takeaway from the talk is the essence of “successful iterative design authorities” that ensure the smooth merging of business and IT for favourable outcomes. A […]
Co-Founder & Director

Microsoft Generative AI: The Future of Work

AI is shaping our world in unprecedented ways. Companies, academic institutions, and even nonprofit organisations are scrambling to adapt to this new digital economy. Right at the forefront of this revolution is Microsoft, a company that has always had a knack for not just predicting the future but also shaping it. Today, we’ll delve deeper […]
Co-Founder & Director

Driving Success in HR Transformation: The Key Roles of Talent and Technology

HR transformation: these two words alone can send ripples through any organisation. They symbolise change, progress, and an adaptive mindset – all essential traits for businesses navigating the turbulent waters of today’s corporate landscape. But what does it actually mean, and why is it crucial for your business? In this blog post, we delve into […]
Co-Founder & Director

Transforming Your Business from Data-Aware to Data-Driven in 2023

The Essence of a Data-Driven Business: In a world where businesses generate overwhelming data, understanding the difference between merely being data-aware and embracing a data-driven mindset is critical to staying competitive. Data-aware companies may recognise the importance of data and occasionally use it to address issues, but they often rely on outdated reports and static […]
Co-Founder & Director

​​Navigating The Complexities Of Agile Digital Transformation

Agile Digital Transformation has become integral to an organisation’s growth strategy. It involves using technology to drive business innovation, customer engagement, and operational excellence within the Agile methodology. However, implementing it can be a challenge. There may be conflicting priorities and cultural barriers that prevent its successful implementation. But don’t worry; we have got you […]
Co-Founder & Director

Driving Growth and Transformation in 2023

2023 has already started off incredibly for businesses – with major projects and transformations already underway. But, the pressure is on for CIOs in 2023 to deliver: “Chief information officers are called upon to drive growth and transformation, not just keep the data center humming and enterprise software running.” – Venture Beat  These pressures in ways […]
Co-Founder & Director

Transformation Trends for 2023: Embracing the Digital Era

What are the Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2023? As we embrace the beginning of 2023, let’s dive into the latest digital transformation trends that will continue to shape the business landscape this year. Building on the trends from 2022, we anticipate these ten key areas to be at the forefront of digital transformation efforts […]
Co-Founder & Director

Choosing the Right ERP Solution in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

As we progress into the digital era, selecting the suitable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for your business cannot be overstated. With technology continuously evolving, customers have an even broader range of choices when selecting the perfect ERP solution. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top ERP systems in 2023, discuss their benefits, […]
Co-Founder & Director
butterfly changing

Why Do We Resist Change?

Change is necessary for growth because no organisation can afford to stand still. So, why do so many of us resist change in every aspect of our lives? Particularly when we aren’t involved in the change directly, it can disrupt our day-to-day life and ultimately, make us feel disconnected! Change and transformation professionals come up […]
Co-Founder & Director
Agile Business

The Four Dimensions of Business Agility

Agile – what does it really mean? Agile is defined as “the process of transitioning an entire organization to a nimble, reactive approach based on agile principles. Understanding agile transformation begins with understanding what it is not: adopting agile software development methodologies”.  What does successful agile transformation look like? The beauty of Agile, as stated by Mckinsey is that “Agility results in […]
Co-Founder & Director

Why is Data Important for your Business?

Gathering data to analyse an organisation and its customers has become an integral part of running a business. Some of the biggest companies in the world based on market value are predominantly tech firms that have historically harvested and analysed data for business use, however advances in technology have made it a relatively straightforward task […]
Co-Founder & Director

The Growing European Software Development Market

During my years in Software Development Recruitment, I have witnessed the growing European market for development services. It doesn’t take long recruiting in this market to see how the shortage of talent is pushing European companies towards outsourcing their development. In addition to offering cost savings, outsourcing allows these companies to stay focused on their […]
Co-Founder & Director

What will the Biggest Impact be on the Cyber Security World in 2021?

Year on year, keyboard criminals and their attacking methods get more advanced. Cybercrime since its recognition, has been on a constant rise and therefore each year presents itself as a new challenge for cybersecurity specialists. Each year has the potential to be their worst yet as they battle against a constant stream of new security […]
Co-Founder & Director

Business Case Alignment to Enable Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of adopting new technology to improve an organisation’s processes to remain competitive in an evolving business environment. Regardless of industry or sector, critical decisions are almost always based on data produced by technology, so it’s no surprise that digital transformation is often cited by CEO’s as being near the top […]
Co-Founder & Director

Which ERP Solution?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is used by organisations going through their digital transformation to manage day-to-day core activities and processes; align departments and improve workflow. It simplifies key business functions, enabling a company to manage all the moving parts of their organisation in one place, and bringing a number of benefits to the digital […]
Co-Founder & Director

Why did SAP Wait to Embrace the Cloud?

SAP is a name synonymous with ERP as one of the pioneers in the space and was a market leader for many years until the advent of cloud technology. SAP was a latecomer to the cloud and though it may have lost some market share to earlier adopters, its delay in embracing the cloud gave […]
Co-Founder & Director

Six Key Questions to ask Yourself Before Committing to a Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, the adoption of technology to move business processes and operations towards digitalisation, has changed considerably in recent years and is still constantly evolving as ERP software upgrades and adapts. An off-the-shelf, generic product isn’t always the best solution today, given the bespoke nature of most ERP platforms, but finding the right product to […]
Co-Founder & Director

How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failures in the Planning Stages

The estimated figures may vary wildly depending on the analyst, but it’s clear that a high percentage of ERP implementation projects ultimately fail, with some high-profile companies getting it publicly wrong over the years. Some experts suggest it’s around 60%, others have it as high as 75%, but they all concur on one thing: that […]
Co-Founder & Director

How to Successfully Implement ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to the systems and software packages used by organisations to manage day-to-day core activities such as accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing. As well as enabling you to align departments and improve workflow, an ERP system can also benefit your business by: If you’ve decided that ERP is right for […]
Co-Founder & Director

Which Project Management Methodology is Right for you?

There are a number of different project management methodologies around and they all have one thing in common: to help manage a team’s work processes via rules, structure and communication to ultimately reach the completion of a project. However, despite this same goal and their similar sounding jargon, they all have significantly different methods that […]
Co-Founder & Director

The Changing Face Of ERP

For decades, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has helped people do their jobs more efficiently, by breaking down the barriers between business units, giving all departments access to the same, accurate information, which in turn speeds up processes and saves a company money. ERP is effectively essential for businesses of a certain size. Despite being one […]
Co-Founder & Director

The Benefits of Cloud Migration

Migrating IT operations and applications to a public or private cloud is finally the accepted way forward, with a recent survey showing a majority of firms have already undertaken the move or are part way through it. The proven benefits to competitiveness and growth mean that business leaders are now on board too, rather than […]
Co-Founder & Director

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