Lennon Harding-Wade

  Lennon leads our Finance Transformation team. He specialises in supporting ERP programmes of work with global retail clients, private equity and professional services businesses. Typical mandates range from Business Analysts to Programme Director and CTO skillsets, as well as integration-focused advisory and strategy roles.


7 Stories by Lennon Harding-Wade

Leading Change in Finance: Best Practices for Change Managers in 2023

In the evolving landscape of finance, change is the only constant. As finance functions continue to adapt to new technologies, regulatory demands, and shifting...
6 min read

Why Should We Put CFOs at the Heart of Business Transformation?

Unlocking ROI and Achieving Bottom-Line Benefits: Why Governance and Alignment are High-Value Initiatives in CFO-Led Business Transformation Business transformations are not just essential; they...
5 min read

Shaping the Future of Finance: The Pivotal Role of People and Training in Finance Transformation

Empowering People in Finance | The Intersection of Technology and Talent in the Future of Finance Innovative technologies and the pressing need for increased...
4 min read

Change Management in Finance Transformation: A CFO’s Guide to Success

Change management in finance is essential for CFOs leading finance transformation initiatives. A systematic approach to managing people and processes involved in change ensures...
5 min read

The Staggering Cost of ERP Failure

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems play a pivotal role in streamlining business processes and driving efficiency. However, a poorly executed ERP implementation can lead...
5 min read

Driving Growth and Transformation in 2023

2023 has already started off incredibly for businesses – with major projects and transformations already underway. But, the pressure is on for CIOs in...
0 3 min read

How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failures in the Planning Stages

The estimated figures may vary wildly depending on the analyst, but it’s clear that a high percentage of ERP implementation projects ultimately fail, with...
1 min read