Finance & HR Transformation

Crafting the Roadmap: An Insider’s Look into the Role of a Finance Transformation Programme Director

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, finance transformation has become a silver bullet for organisations aiming to stay ahead of the curve. The role of finance leaders has expanded beyond traditional responsibilities, as they are now at the forefront of steering their finance functions through the winds of change. As organisations embrace digital transformation, data analytics, […]
Principal Consultant, Finance Transformation

Leading Change in Finance: Best Practices for Change Managers in 2023

In the evolving landscape of finance, change is the only constant. As finance functions continue to adapt to new technologies, regulatory demands, and shifting market dynamics, the role of change managers becomes increasingly critical. In 2023, finance change managers find themselves at the forefront of guiding their organisations through transformative shifts. This blog explores the […]
Consultant, HR & Finance Transformation

Shaping the Future of Finance: The Pivotal Role of People and Training in Finance Transformation

Empowering People in Finance | The Intersection of Technology and Talent in the Future of Finance Innovative technologies and the pressing need for increased efficiency and value creation are reshaping the finance landscape. The buzzword among finance professionals and CFOs is ‘Finance Transformation’, which revolves around streamlining the finance function, leveraging new technologies, and enhancing […]
Consultant, HR & Finance Transformation

Why Should We Put CFOs at the Heart of Business Transformation?

Business transformations are not just essential; they are inevitable in the face of constantly evolving markets, new business models, and rapidly advancing technologies. For a business to thrive and maintain its competitive edge, it must continually adapt to changing customer expectations and global trends. However, these transformations require careful steering to navigate the risks and […]
Consultant, HR & Finance Transformation

Driving Success in HR Transformation: The Key Roles of Talent and Technology

HR transformation: these two words alone can send ripples through any organisation. They symbolise change, progress, and an adaptive mindset – all essential traits for businesses navigating the turbulent waters of today’s corporate landscape. But what does it actually mean, and why is it crucial for your business? In this blog post, we delve into […]
Co-Founder & Director
CFO Change Managerment

Change Management in Finance Transformation: A CFO’s Guide to Success

Change management in finance is essential for CFOs leading finance transformation initiatives. A systematic approach to managing people and processes involved in change ensures successful outcomes. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deeper into the importance of change management in finance and how CFOs can leverage various strategies to drive transformation success. What is […]
Principal Consultant, Finance Transformation

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