Project Management

The Human Side of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become the buzzword phrase of the last few years as organisations reinvent themselves with tech to respond to the demands of today’s consumer. Whether it’s investment in industry-specific AI, moving to the Cloud, or adopting new software and methodologies, businesses across every sector are evolving to improve CX, productivity, and the bottom […]
Principal Consultant, Finance Transformation

Why did SAP Wait to Embrace the Cloud?

SAP is a name synonymous with ERP as one of the pioneers in the space and was a market leader for many years until the advent of cloud technology. SAP was a latecomer to the cloud and though it may have lost some market share to earlier adopters, its delay in embracing the cloud gave […]
Co-Founder & Director

Which Project Management Methodology is Right for you?

There are a number of different project management methodologies around and they all have one thing in common: to help manage a team’s work processes via rules, structure and communication to ultimately reach the completion of a project. However, despite this same goal and their similar sounding jargon, they all have significantly different methods that […]
Co-Founder & Director

The Changing Face Of ERP

For decades, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has helped people do their jobs more efficiently, by breaking down the barriers between business units, giving all departments access to the same, accurate information, which in turn speeds up processes and saves a company money. ERP is effectively essential for businesses of a certain size. Despite being one […]
Co-Founder & Director

The Benefits of Cloud Migration

Migrating IT operations and applications to a public or private cloud is finally the accepted way forward, with a recent survey showing a majority of firms have already undertaken the move or are part way through it. The proven benefits to competitiveness and growth mean that business leaders are now on board too, rather than […]
Co-Founder & Director

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