2024 Transformation & Change Salary Guide

Our comprehensive 'Market Insight and Salary Guides' provide indispensable tools to navigate the Transformation landscape, offering valuable insights into market trends, project challenges and the general outlook for Change, Data & Transformation professionals in 2024.

Key Highlights:

Survey Insights: Over 450 professionals working across Digital, HR, Finance, Data and Strategy change projects were asked about their experiences in the workplace and their outlook for 2024

A Rise in SOW: 57% of respondents indicated they are currently involved in Statement of Work (SoW) projects

Future Demand: Transformation skills are in high demand, and our respondents predict that that will continue throughout 2024, particularly in machine learning, artificial intelligence, programme management, and data

"For businesses to realise any value, Transformation needs to happen, and we’ve seen this reflected in new vacancies recorded in Q4 of 2023, which was up 70%. Our analysis and data collection efforts have revealed a range of insights that shed light on the intricate nature of transformation and its challenges in various industries and sectors."

Christian Pampellonne, Co-Founder & Director

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